Mappel, beyond packing, now also manufactures.



For 50 years the Mappel Group has been establishing itself in the tertiary market and utilizing a specialized technical device to pack products for the pharmaceutic, cosmetic and alimental sectors. Recently a new plant was inaugurated for the production and filling of cosmetic and related products. Due to the manufacturing process, both industries, pharmaceutical and cosmetic, will benifit from each other in regard to technology and quality standards. The necessity of highly qualified services as a synonym for following rigorous quality standards enables the Mappel Group to constantly modernizing and improving its costumer services. The company conforms to the certificate BPF issued by the health department ANVISA, a special license for products of the edict 344/98. This means, that Mappel can ensure high quality throughout the entire production stage. The company is equipped with areas of degree D (class ISO 8 norm 14.644-1, old class 100.000) in the entire range of production and primary packing. Here there are climatized rooms available which are constructed with glass and stainless steel. It also possesses a validated system of water purification as to supply steps of the so-calles "Double Reversa Osmosis". We are constantly concerned with the protection, conservation and enhancement of the environment by using the best ressources for the treatment of industrial residues. Again and again, the Mappel group is innovating to offer its costumers international trends in technology and conception.

Our Mission

Excellence in tertiary services. To meet our costumers' demands on time and on quality. Employees working with dignity.



In our sector of nourishments we are provided with machinery to produce sachets (common and stand up), paste tubes, blisters, sheathings and sticks. Our security standards ensure ample security during the filling process of the aliments.


In our cosmetic sector we can count on equipment to fill sachets (powder, liquids and paste), tubes (plastics and plated) and bottles (powder, liquids and paste). Moreover, we fill blisters meant for different kinds of treatments, e.g. of face, body or hair as well as for make-up or the development of other exclusive molds.


With the certification BPF released by the health department ANVISA, Mappel is able to provide the highest filling quality to pharmaceutical industries. This process takes place in closed rooms which are classified grade 100.000.

Correlated products

A Mappel as well offers fillings of correlated products such as bottles, tubes, pots and other kinds of receptacles. The complete filling process of correlated products will be performed in accordance with the decree RDC 59 issued by the ANVISA health department. Beyond the option of filling, we are eager for offering you the manufacturing of the product itself.


Diadema Unit

Mappel Ind. de Embalagens Ltda. - Av. Deputado Osvaldo Morais e Silva, 55 - Serraria | Diadema | SP | CEP 09991-190 | Phone: +55 11 4055-4444

São Bernardo do Campo Unit

Mappel Ind. de Embalagens Ltda. - Rua Miro Vetorazzo, 1619 - Demarchi | São Bernardo | SP | CEP 09820-135 | Phone: +55 11 4346-6377

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